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November 19, 2017 / Uncategorized

Having just wrapped up my experience at the 2017 NASM Optima Conference, I wanted to get on paper my take aways and memorable teaching moments. There were probably nearly 300 attendees, but only a handful of Master Trainers like myself who hold the top credentials in this company. It was great to meet so many people I collaborate with online. The in-person experience and networking was an extremely powerful form of communication and relationship building.

I began the conference with a workshop about how to help avoid exercise relapse. Only 18% of the population has a gym membership, and most people who join within in 6 months have a 50% drop out rate. Although we all know we should workout, that doesn’t mean in real life we do it. Exercise can be like smoking or drinking due to the risk of relapse. I have to learn how to develop a plan and cultivate a support system to help high risk clients stay on the course of success. The most common excuses for not exercising remain to be lack of time, lack of energy, and lack of motivation. I need to bridge this gap. This can be done through behavior modification, reinforcing your goals, and of course setting attainable and realistic goals.

My niche is definitely working with the Baby Boomers (ages 51 – 69) as well as Generation X (ages 35 – 50). Thus, I selected courses catered to my client base. It is important to program design for longevity, keeping in mind many of these people have been inactive most of their life.

In terms of nutrition, I was intrigued by the foods versus supplements in our diets. This is especially true as a professional natural bodybuilder. I’m old school in the belief that the best fuel we can put in our bodies is steak and eggs, meaning real food. In terms of what we should eat, that is based on our goals. When I calculate a plan, that involves your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate), your AEE (activity energy exercise), and TEF (Thermo) which is your digestive process. CICO is a great acronym for Calories In Calories Out and HEC is a good question we should ask ourselves …. Is your HEC in Check?? Hungry, Emotional, and Cravings. Best of all there is JERF which is Just Eat Real Food.

I have become more aware of identifying my clients’ needs as well as knowing my own value and worth of my time. Many of the common fitness fallacies were debunked for me like “If I’m not sore it wasn’t a good workout” or “Let’s do abs I want to get rid of my stomach”. Finally, I got to work with the ActivMotion Bar which was a great tool for balance, seniors, and working on proprioception.

The conference was amazing and totally worth every moment. The guest speakers were informative and experienced. Being there live was a nice change of pace from reading out a text book. For once, I got to absorb it all and forget trying to memorize. I’m thankful for the opportunity to attend and ready to help every BODY become the best versions of themselves with the tools and skills I learned.

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