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with Dr. Megan Johnson McCullough

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I Published 7 BOOKS With Palmetto Publishing!



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CONFIDENT & PROUD  to discuss stopping Fit shaming in my industry with Samantha Riverera


Loving this sport’s modeling competition!


Appreciate this story about my community of amazing clients helping  me during the pandemic.


Great experience & honor to be the 1st natural bodybuilding guest on FBB Forum Podcast!

An amazing talk with Kla the wanderer!

Super grateful to chat about natural bodybuilding with All The Rage George on his podcast.  1st all natural bodybuilder guest he has had!


Always excited to be featured on the local news about my bodybuilding journey!

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Spread your wings with Megan Johnson McCullough on the Sober Edge Podcast!

Helping people become the best version of themselves physically.

Another great podcast with Heidi and Charles on Kava & Kettlebells