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We all want to know what’s the best workout?? How can I burn the most calories?? These are common questions I get asked daily, especially when referring to cardiovascular activities to complete on the days when not strength training with me. Clearly, every BODY is different in terms of ability and level, but I wanted to look into when comparing different modalities among people. Regardless of type, remember that exercise does help with weight, reduces the risk of many diseases, and helps ward off diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. So do it…. regardless?

Walking vs. Running:

Steps are steps, but depending the output of the cardiovascular system, we benefit differently. Which somewhat defies the generalization that trackers encourage 10,000 steps per day. How you reach those 10k matters. Here’s an interesting study I found:

“The subjects in the new study were 15 male college students, and 15 female, with an average weight of 156 lbs. One day they ran a treadmill mile in 10:00 minutes; another day they walked a mile in 18:36. Afterwards, they sat quietly for 30 minutes, by which time their metabolic rate had returned to normal.”

CALS/MILE 88.9 112.5
CALS/MINUTE 4.78 11.25
NEW TOTAL/MILE 110.6 158.6
CALS/MINUTE 5.95 15.86

* one mile walk in 18:36; ** one mile run in 10:00


When we can, and if we can, move those feet a little faster and job/run. I would also have to think that there are certain variables like hills and incline that would come into play in terms of effort level.

Elliptical vs Running

The elliptical is a good machine that simulates running but in a low impact fashion. I was a little surprised at this one. I have probably ridden countless hours on an elliptical and it isn’t nearly as difficult as going for a run, especially on the treadmill (for me). But check this out: “According to “Runner’s World,” running is one of the most efficient ways to burn calories. Yet depending on your speed and intensity, the elliptical may help you burn more calories. According to Health Status, a 175-pound person burns 903 calories per hour on the elliptical. Running at a pace of 6 mph burns 798 calories per hour. If you increase your pace to 8 mph, you burn 1,071 calories per hour” (http://healthyliving.azcentral.com/calories-burned-during-elliptical-vs-running-9256.html).

Here’s another study to consider:

“A 155-lb. person running at 5 mph can burn approximately 594 calories in one hour, according to Harvard Medical School. If this same person runs at 7.5 mph for an hour, she can burn approximately 930 calories. In one hour on the elliptical, a 155-lb. person can burn approximately 670 calories, but this does not take into consideration speed and resistance used, only the activity and body weight of the individual” (http://livewell.jillianmichaels.com/burns-calories-running-elliptical-4285.html).

Walking vs. Elliptical

I had originally thought the two were very similar. However, “Another consideration is how many calories you typically expend when using the elliptical compared to walking. According to Health Status’s Calorie Burn Calculator, you will burn 152 calories if you walk for 30 minutes at four miles per hour. If you exercise on the elliptical for 30 minutes you will typically burn 335 calories” (http://healthyliving.azcentral.com/better-elliptical-walking-7908.html). I think varying these two forms is a good way to mix up cardio. It’s interesting that most trackers don’t acknowledge the motion on an elliptical as part of the step count.

The bottom line is that we need to do this for our health. Overtime, no matter which form, the body will adapt so in any case going longer or faster will need to happen for continued results. Machines vary in their accuracy, but always know you are burning!!!! They say you have to walk before you run, well you have to walk before you elliptical and elliptical before you run ? One step at a time, one motion at a time, you will burn calories and get closer to your goals.



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