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November 27, 2022 // Archive

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27 Nov

Oh the beloved carb we seem to not be able to live without…. BREAD. It is the most widely consumed food in the world and there are so many types. Bread’s introduction was almost 30,000 years ago, so imagine the number of slices that have been consumed. It was fried on stones. After a long day, when needing an easy option, or just to feel satisfied, most people turn to bread not exactly celery sticks to do the trick. The problem is that this highly refined grain isn’t exactly on the weight loss plan. Whole wheat is the better option as opposed to white products, but in the end, it seems as though the more bread someone has, the more they want.  

That burger is much better with a bun. That sandwich is much better with the toasted outside layer. When dining out, that wait goes by much faster with bread. And what’s a pizza without the crust?? Oh and a PPJ….nothing beats that. If Oprah says she can still eat bread and lose weight, well by gosh it must be okay.  

The trouble is that refined grains raise blood sugar much faster than complex carbohydrates. People with type 2 diabetes should pay particular attention to this. Additionally, when this blood sugar spike happens, it also reverses very quickly which initiates hunger. Then another carb snack sounds good. Most bread has about 12 carbohydrates per slice, which isn’t too bad, but they you double this for the sandwich. Calories and nutritional information varies by brand. Gluten in bread has become a more common problem, especially in people who have Celiac Disease. Bread also contains high fructose corn syrup like most processed foods. Bread contains phytic acid which actually blocks mineral absorption. It’s also a culprit for causing vitamin D deficiency. It has also been known to raise cholesterol. There just aren’t a lot of nutrients in bread which makes its calories pretty empty.  

It is common for people to have toast in the morning, a sandwich for lunch then a burger or even salad with a slice of bread. We don’t even realize it. Brand and grain type of course matter, but overall, the advocacy for bread is a challenge. A bagel here and sandwich there, we know moderation always counts. Health food stores are starting to introduce brands that are certainly an improvement. If you can go without, then I suggest you do. No one ever died from lack of bread. Cut back for a couple weeks and you will see and feel the difference. Your body is more important that your taste buds 😊