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Not everyone desires facial hair, especially the female population. Genetics and hormones can cause this unwanted hair to make its presence on cheeks, chin, and upper lip. There are a number of ways to remove body hair from anywhere, but when it comes to the face, one tends to pay more particular attention to what could happen after. Facial skin is also very sensitive and can range from oily to dry, have many or few pores, and then there is of course acne to consider. Eyebrow threading has become a popular hair removal process. Many people swear by this Middle Eastern method to remove their hair. Before making an appointment, there might be some factors to consider to see if this method is right for you.

Threading is a very precise process. It is considered the most sanitary hair removal method because no chemicals are involved at all. Over time, if a person is consistent with their upkeep, hair follicles can actually stop producing hair. Those who are not a fan of this method complain that this is a timely appointment. It takes longer than other methods. It is also restricted to the face only so not everyone thing can be addressed in one false swoop. Some say it is more painful than waxing. Sensitivity is of course a matter of opinion and a case by case basis. Some feel a pinching sensation. The process involves using cotton threads that are twisted to pull the hair from the root.

1. Hair grows back thinner.
2. No heat or chemicals.
3. Cheaper.
4. Precise.
5. Redness disappears quickly.
6. Sanitary.
7. Can remove large areas of hair.
8. Safe for people taking medications.

1. Sensitive skin types might experience tenderness.
2. If the person is not properly trained, irritation can occur.
3. All makeup must be removed.

Because threading is very precise, people often use it for their eyebrows specially. A more desirable arch can be obtained. This method does have to be done by a professional, so there is not an at home option. The worst problem that can happen is getting a threat cut, but that is highly unlikely. The process sounds complicated but that is why going to a trained professional, laying back, and then standing up hair free is the way to go. Other options will always exist including plucking, shaving, waxing, and creams. Sometimes it just boils down to a matter of personal preference.