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July 18, 2019 // Archive

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18 Jul


Our DNA is the result of our parents with some traits being more obviously handed down then others. For example, eye color, hair color, or the way our face might be shaped, or any combination of those, are qualities from mom and dad. Genetically passed down traits are mostly physical. These include heath factors such as high blood pressure or even mental illnesses. Most people wouldn’t associate lifestyle choices and behaviors as being inherited, but actually some are. The following are some traits that your parents can be blamed for:
1. How food tastes: The preference between spicy of bland is the result of the flavors mom and dad enjoy. DNA is associated with taste. Not only this, but we have to think of what we ate at an age when we didn’t have a choice about what was put in front of us. Now that we have the choice it becomes second nature to make the recipes or eat the foods we are familiar with from those choiceless days.
2. Your driving skills: Those who are poor drivers might be able to point the finger at their parents. We inherit brain derived neurotropic factor (BDNF) which is responsible for learning and memory during certain activities such as driving. Therefore, certain learning skills allow for better retention for certain skills than others.
3. Your coffee intake: Some people would prefer an IV of caffeine if possible. Some people have more of the gene PDSS2 which influences the amount of coffee someone drinks.
4. Musical talent: The ability to recognize pitch and tone come from the right genes. Musical ability might not be based on the number of hours practiced. There’s nothing wrong with practice, but there may be incredible genes behind the greatest rock star talents.
5. Laziness: Physical exertion is a matter of choice, and for some its workout regularly and others are more lured by the couch. DNA can determine how physically active we are.
6. Who you vote for: We tend to favor who are parents select. Traditionalism is a factor. We are predisposed to political positions.
7. Popularity: Having a lot of friends might be based on how likable you are passed down from mom and dad. Interaction with your peers is a trait you received.

Keeping it all in the family may be true for more than just how you look. Some come from just mom while others come just from dad. Some are good to blame for and others we would rather go without. Maternal come from mom, paternal from dad, dominant from whichever overrides, and recessive come from both. We are our parent’s recipes and we add our own flavor along the way.