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May 30, 2019 // Archive

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30 May

The act of smiling is good for you. The facial movement when smiling triggers positive endorphins to be released. In fact, a fake smile produces the same thing because this physical muscle movement tells the endorphins to expose themselves. Happiness cranks up and stress backs down. Facial expression can give our mood away or cover up our mood. I might grin and bear a conversation I don’t agree with or want to be part of. Smiling tricks the brain to be happy. Positive thoughts produce smiling. Smiling is a facial expression that influences our mood. When we smile and someone sees us smile, it can evoke their feelings to smile too. Smiling becomes contagious. Besides, we certainly make more friends when we smile and make ourselves appear approachable.

Smiling makes you more attractive. Showing those teeth makes you more desirable. I mean think of a dating website…. do you go for the person with a straight face?? This isn’t a passport photo. You display innocence and kindness that make you appear trustworthy with a smile. Your own confidence increases too. When you are more sure of yourself you become more productive and motivated. It’s almost like a painkiller and alleviator to a bad day. Stress can be reduced and then blood pressure lowers.

We smile for photos all the time right?? A smile can be someone’s best feature. Just like other muscles in our body, we have to exercise the ones in the face and smile. Smiling can really ease the tension in a room. We go through life on a roller coaster, but we have to remember to smile and think of what makes us happy, thankful, and loved. I use my smile to help other people because I know a smile can make someone’s day. We often times forget that we influence other people’s lives all the time. So don’t be that person in the photo who doesn’t smile. Be the one who’s pearly whites sparkle grin makes heads turn in the room.