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February 7, 2019 // Archive

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We set goals to establish purpose and motivation for items in our life. Your why is what drives your goals. Intrinsic goals might include self-acceptance, affiliation, a community feeling, or physical fitness. They satisfy psychological needs such as growth and autonomy. Unlike extrinsic goals, they are not associated with receiving awards or compliments from others, financial gains, conformity, or popularity. Intrinsic goals are more about happiness and your well-being. Feelings and emotions are involved in their construction. They’re about doing something because it makes you feel good. For example, you go to college because you just want to learn. You learn how to cook because you enjoy cooking. You babysit kids because you like kids. You get good grades because you want to. If these same goals were of extrinsic association, you would go to college to get a degree. You would learn to cook so you can become a chef and get paid. You babysit for income. You get good grades so your parents will buy you something. Neither type of goal setting is good or bad, in fact they both contain pros and cons. I just want you to have intrinsic goals as well on your fitness journey.

When it comes down to it, I workout because it makes me feel good and I like the results that I see in the mirror. I’m not driven by a scale weight or body fat percentage. That is my day to day purpose. But I do have extrinsic goals too. I have a fitness studio to make an income doing what I love, and I do competitions for trophies and winning titles. BUT my intrinsic goals are the root of my being. When I ask clients what their goals are, I make it clear on the first day it doesn’t have to be a certain weight. I say they can be intrinsic and most people do not know what that means. I explain that working out can be about feeling good, having more energy, feeling like your clothes fit, and being able to perform daily life activities without pain. Those are great goals right?? Someone we have this notion that numbers, numbers, numbers, are the only thing that matter. Hey, we all like when the scale shows a lower number, but when it doesn’t, man on man, can it do a “number” on your psyche. My homework for you is to come up with 3 intrinsic goals when it comes to your fitness journey. Examples might include to meet new likeminded people in the small groups, to fight for my health, or to feel active again and able bodied. I would be pleased to hear them so email me your response Then I will know you read this blog too haha. My intrinsic goal for you is feel good, and I think I have the power to help you do so.