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October 5, 2018 // Archive

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Our fitness journeys are unique to us all but all have one element in common…. we are improving our health. What has led us to the decision to start, step it up, seek help, or try a new approach is the result of feeling stagnant, unmotivated, tired, low self-esteem, upon a doctor’s recommendation, or just to have a new hobby. We create questions in our head that sometimes are due to knowing the answer but needing to hear the answer from someone else. If we acted upon the answer that we know is right, well, my job would be null and void. The truth is that most times you have already answered yourself. But I’m here to guide you, support you, and help you confirm any doubts that should be squashed. So here are the most common questions I get, but truly have to respond with every BODY is different or I have to assert that you are not allowed to do something….
1. If I work out 5 days a week and eat right, how much weight will I lose by (insert date)?? How can I know that exact answer?? On December 13th will have lost 8.2 pounds (yeah it doesn’t work that way).
2. Can I eat this instead of that?? Probably not if you have to ask. You are substituting a choice but in doing so are settling or compromising to push the limits of a new plan. Oh how we love control.
3. How much weight do most of your clients lose?? Well, that is a case by case basis. This isn’t just about weight loss.
4. I have a bad back, knee, shoulder, can I still do the exercises?? Absolutely I’m the queen of modifications.
5. If I go on a trip what am I supposed to do?? You have the tools, you know how to make better choices, and trips do happen, so you have to learn to prepare. You are still YOU no matter where you go, so be bold and brave to stick to your plan.
6. Holidays are coming how can I avoid all those foods?? Probably won’t be able to 100% but fuel your fire and exercise more (nothing wrong with having more motivation to work harder). This won’t negate the damage entirely but will be a factor to consider the next time you have a second serving. Think of the exercise involved.
7. My significant other just doesn’t get it what can I do?? Communicate, communicate, communicate and be strong to assert your goals.
8. I walked a lot at the zoo or Disneyland, that counts for exercise right?? I want you to take time out of daily activities you already do. You are trying to justify not doing a workout to yourself and me.
9. Why won’t the scale move but I’m losing inches?? Your body is reshaping itself but an external health factor may exist. Have your bloodwork done to see if there is an internal issue such as hormonal imbalance or lack of nutrient absorption.
10. My doctor said I need to do this or that what do you think?? I’m working on my Doctorate but I’m not there yet. They gave their recommendation for a reason. I am not liable to go against that advise so sometimes I have to say, “Phone a friend on this one”.

I want to help every BODY, and as much as a trainer that I am, I’m also an ear and somewhat of a therapist to some. I love it. I wouldn’t change what I do. But remember, you are in control. You make the choices. You do the work. We don’t hold hands walking Greenbrier Hill, so I’m there for what I can and the rest is up to you.