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January 20, 2018 // Archive

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20 Jan


After hearing about all the lives he has helped, touched, and improved, I had to know more about him. Netflix released a 2 hour documentary called, “Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru”. He wasn’t your typical life coach that I was anticipating to find. In fact, his approach was shocking, yet powerful for those he worked with.

Okay so I don’t know if I’m the only person who didn’t know that Tony Robbins uses the “F” word freely. He is in your face, and seeks an arousal. The “F” word provokes people and is taboo word so there an energy that comes with it causing a reaction. Probably shouldn’t use this on your kids at home, but under Tony’s circumstances it seemed to work.

Obviously, this entrepreneur is doing something right. He has written 6 best selling books, owns 30 companies worth nearly $5 billion visits 12 countries per year performing his seminars. These seminars hold over 200,000 people each at rate of $4995, which is for 6 days each 12 hours long. A typical day is form 11am to 11pm all with Tony. Netflix covered his seminar “Date With Destiny” focusing on reclaiming who you are. He has helped big names like Aerosmith, Green Day, Pitbull, and Usher. He has a team of life coaches that work for him.

His purpose is to help you make changes. It isn’t about just solving your problems but really narrowing down the source of them. You have to decide what you want, not just what you will tolerate in life.

The best advice I received from him was regarding blame. We can blame our parents or other people for certain issues we have, but we can also blame them for the good too. Meaning just because I lost my mother to alcoholism and grew up with the associated situations of that, doesn’t mean she’s at fault for all that goes wrong in my life. My mother is actually to blame for my drive and determination to be the best. She is to blame for my work ethic and perfectionist traits. For that, I thank her, which aided with my closure.

On your fitness journey, we know it isn’t just all about working out and eating right. We have to get our minds right too. A life coach like Tony Robbins may just be the additional help you need. No hurt in doing a little research to better yourself because that’s the end goal…. to become the best version of YOU!!!!

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