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December 30, 2017 // Archive

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Netflix got me again, this time with a great documentary called, “I Am Bolt”. This movie explored the running career of the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt from Jamaica. There is certainly a gap between this man and the rest. He’s naturally a champion and he’s says it’s all for making people smile. His tall stature and fun energy make him lovable, but best of all, he just runs…. no drama, no politics, just the sport. He’s that much better than everyone else.

Bolt has a triangle team that helps him. His coach is Glen Mills, is an ordinary man who always reminds Bolt to take control, there’s no pressure, and to just run. He is like a second father to him. NJ is the name of his best friend who is also his manager. He might be the most influential person in his life and the brotherhood is mutually beneficial. Finally, his agent is another important member. They’re the folks that make him work. In fact, his training is sort of barbaric. Like an ox he drags weights behind him on the dirt field. He cuts up his legs with his cleats on a daily basis.

His running started in 2002 at age 15, where he won the World Jr. Championships. Some of Bolt’s titles include the 4x World Champion of the 100 and 200 meter races. 2007 is when he broke the World Record the 1st time.

Injuries have cost him setbacks along the way, but realistically he still wins when he comes back. Due to his scoliosis he does have lower back and hip issues. But Bolt is his own worst enemy when he’s not motivated, not necessarily his injuries.

The Jamaican team has also won the 4×4 relay with him. Justin Gatlin of the USA is probably his closest form of competition. Justin is a talker and Bolt hates that, but uses it as fuel for the fire. The catch would be that although Gatlin is fast, he also was caught in 2006 using performance enhancing drugs, somewhat tainting his abilities.

Bolt is an athlete like no other with his ability to basically out run anyone. He has now retired, saying he looks forward to normalcy and eating what he wants. He feels like he sacrificed a lot but it was all worth it. What a site to watch him run. He will remain among the Michael Jordans and Babe Ruths we will never forget.

“I Am Bolt”, 2016, Benjamin Turner & Gabe Turner