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December 10, 2022 / Uncategorized

Originally formatted for baby’s sensitive skin, baby oil is a great product. In fact, it is just mineral oil without the smell. It had evolved and changed over the years, and some people even know how to make it at home. This product has many uses and it is no longer (or has it ever been) just for babies, despite the labeling name. There are many personal applicational uses and even home uses that have many people raving over this oil.

Baby oil is made of the following ingredients: mineral oil, honey, aloe vera extract, vitamin A, vitamin E, and sometime other aromatic compounds. Other variations of this product that are not 100% natural might also have carrier oil (such as coconut oil), wheat germ, beeswax to make it thicker, and other essential oils like lavender or tangerine.

Baby oil’s originally intended purpose was and still is to moisturize a baby’s skin. However, kids and adults can also reap the benefits. Here are other uses of this incredible product:

1.       Moisturize hair: This oil can be a treatment to the scalp and hydration to the scalp and hair.
2.       Help with flaky, scaly skin: This might include making the skin of the heels softer.
3.       Help with under-eye skin: This is a sensitive area that is neglected by many, despite its constant exposure to the environment.
4.       Make-up remover: It works well removing the line-up of makeup used for the day.
5.       After shaving oil: It can help add and lock in moisture to the newly exposed pores.
6.       It can be used as a lubricant for machine parts or appliances.
7.       Earwax: It can be used to help remove this.
8.       Stretch marks: It can be applied for prevention.
9.       Polishing: it can make counter tops and stone products sparkle.
10.   Message oil: It is used by many in this industry.
11.   It can help remove temporary tattoos and bandages without pulling to much hair and leaving residue.
12.   It can help un-do a stuck zipper.
13.   Soothe insect bites: It can be used as an anti-inflammatory.
14.   Heel skin rashes: It works well to ease irritation. 

Baby oil is one of the products to keep around the house just in case. This versatile oil is good for so many reasons, that having some on hand as the answer to little issues that arise can help save time, help address the problem faster, and make the pain go away quicker. Most people are advocates of baby oil in adult life and there’s certainly good cause for this.