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There are so many nail salons on every corner, how do they deal with all the competition? In 2017, there were 56,300 nail salons in operation, with many locations that come and go all the time. The most common services offered are a simple nail polish and pedicures. This industry employs nearly 440,000 people. California leads the way with 100,000 workers and 7,900 locations. Texas comes close behind. The nail polish industry itself is nearly $605 million. With so many locations, there becomes a complexity of price point and what services to offer. Some locations have expanded to offer facials and waxing, luring customers in the door and creating a one-stop shop. Interestingly, only 16% of nail salons use a computer system to make appointments and schedule employees. It is a fast-paced demanding profession, and the average income of a nail tech is about $24,000. About 96% of this workforce is female and 64% are minorities.

There are some possible health affects for those who work in this industry. These mainly involve respiratory concerns. Nail technicians are exposed to hundreds of chemicals such solvents, acrylates, and biocides in the form of dust and vapors. New York led the way in bringing attention to this matter and addressing healthier work conditions. Good general room ventilation is important. Wearing a protective mask can help.
As with most things in life, there are side effects for those who get fake nails. Gel and acrylic nails are the popular selections. What woman doesn’t want long, beautiful, colorful, nails? The chemicals used for acrylic nails have resins and formaldehyde. These can cause cancer. These nails are strongly bonded to the nail bed. If there is a gap or space, this moist environment can grow bacteria and fungi. Natural oils are dried out which over time causes loss of the natural nail. This is why some professions such as an in a hospital setting don’t allow their employees to wear artificial nails because of the increased risk for infections.

The nail market continues to boom with different art, different colors, and so many designs. Women return every two to three weeks to get their “fill”. The average price for a manicure is about $20. The average cost of a pedicure can be about $30. When added up, if a woman attends every two weeks, that’s about $1,300 yearly cost. The cost can add up quickly, but many enjoy treating themselves. There is something nice about the service that keeps them coming back, and as in most cases, doing it ourselves doesn’t have the same look or quality. Life is better in color and this can be true for nails too. Do what makes you happy and support a local salon. Customer appreciation is always rewarded.