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When yeast is added to traditional apple juice, the fruit sugar turns into alcohol. That is the premise of fermentation. The bacteria in this alcohol then become acetic acid. This acid is the culprit for the sour taste and smell of vinegar. We use vinegar to bake, cook, it’s in most salad dressings, and it is readily used as a preservative. It is not meant to be used in high amounts due to its acidity. Over consumption can lead to stomach problems, damage to your teeth, and it is not good for the lining of your throat. So why are we hearing so many claims that apple cider vinegar is great for our health??

Research doesn’t support many of the claims we hear about this vinegar. Mixing a couple tablespoons with water has been used for several health tricks. Apple cider vinegar has been used as a home remedy dating back to the early Greeks. At that time, it was used topically to treat wounds.

Today, we hear about this product being used for weight loss, to make dandruff go away, clear acne, and to improve heart health. The link to weight loss is based on the notion that vinegar improves blood sugar levels. This would then help people with type 2 diabetes which is associated with obesity. Some say that it is an appetite suppressant. Others say it interferes with the body’s ability to digest starch which means less enters the blood stream.

Vinegar also has antioxidants which can help with cellular repair.

It has been said to cure the common cold because germs can’t survive in the acidic environment that vinegar ingested creates.

When it comes to your gut, apple cider vinegar has the good bacteria that can help with an upset stomach and help stop diarrhea.

It has also been used to stop hiccups.

The potassium and enzymes in this vinegar have been said to increase energy. The potassium can also help with leg cramps.

It has also been said to white teeth when used as a toothpaste.

Some claim it help the coloring of bruising go away.

The key is that a little goes a long way. It is a weak acid, but it is still acid in your body. Having too much can cause heartburn and bloating. Although it may claim to suppress your appetite, prolonged use will damage the stomach’s lining. This is also true for teeth whitening use because eventually your enamel will deteriorate from the acidity. Home remedies are effective in the eye of the beholder and can be the first responder application to a problem that could be treated without too much effort. Do what is best for your body and what works for your body. That is the freedom of choice and the freedom to control your health’s destiny.

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