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Organic. The labels screams “healthy”. But why is organic healthier or better for you?? 73% of Americans eat it. In 2010, sales were at $28.6 billion when the term was in its early years, thus, today sales are astounding. After researching and watching the documentary, “In Organic We Trust”, I want to share what organic truly means.

The 1940s presented organic produce. In the 1960s, organic purchasing became popular. In 2002, a proper certification was put in place to obtain the USDA certified label. Organic doesn’t actually refer to the quality of the produce, rather, it means the item has been regulated. An agent from the United States Department of Agriculture inspects these organic farms and makes sure that there is no irradiation (being exposed to radiation), genetic modification, or antibiotics being used. To my surprise, this does not include the use of pesticides, so organic foods still do posses these chemicals just in a lesser form. It is unlikely that the USDA will revoke an organic license, because as we have learned, the government wants to make money. These licenses carry high fees and costs (thus the more expensive result of organic produce), so they don’t want to lose this revenue. For example, in 2010, 13,000 organic farms went under inspection, but only 10 had their license revoked. Big name organic companies are actually partnerships with large corporations (again money involved). Odwalla is under Coca Cola. Kashi is under Kelloggs. Nature Valley is under General Mills.

The reason to eat organic is because of the toxins. We assume that pesticides are safe because the government allows them. 60 billion pounds of pesticides are used per year. There are no studies of chronic toxicity, only acute/short term and only on animals. Yet, there our youth are especially at risk when ingesting these toxins so early on and for their lifetime. Children think that food comes from trucks and the grocery store. There is a disconnect from farm to table. The rate of neurological disorders are on the rise and even President Obama told us that 41% of our population will at some point have cancer in their lifetime. When companies that sell these pesticides are turned down by the U.S., they go overseas to be used in their food or to feed their livestock. We trade with these overseas sites, so eventually they come back to us.

The Environment Working Group EWG.org made a list of the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen produce items. The items that contain the most amount of pesticides include:
• Celery
• Peaches
• Strawberries
• Apples
• Blueberries
• Nectarines
• Bell Peppers
• Spinach
• Lettuce
• Kale & Collard Greens
• Potatoes
• Grapes
The items that contain the least amount of pesticides include:
• Onion
• Avocado
• Sweet Corn
• Mango
• Sweet Peas
• Asparagus
• Kiwi
• Cabbage
• Eggplant
• Cantaloupe
• Watermelon
• Grapefruit
• Sweet Potatoes
• Mushrooms

Pesticides are foreign to our bodies and are toxic to our internal functions. Eat organic when you can. Always be mindful of your choices. Take care of your BODY. It is a temple and you only get one. The more informed, the better YOU can be and that is why I write these Blogs ?

“In Organic We Trust” (2011). R. Kiplin Pastor.

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