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Sometimes the personality of an athlete can outshine their talent. This holds true for Mike Tyson, a definite champion and top-notch fighter, but maybe not the most considerate human being. I went into my research with an open mind, understanding the media can distort. So here’s a little bit about Mr. Tyson….

He grew up in Brooklyn with his single mom who he spoke of as being promiscuous. She made ends meet and Mike grew up making cash here and there from drug sales, mostly marijuana and cocaine. He didn’t ever expect to be a fighter, and learned how to fight after saving up all his money and having one of the neighborhood kids tear the head off of one the pigeons he bought. That’s where the instant rage and anger began. It was a man named, Cus D’Amato, who discovered his fighting talent and quickly took him under his wings. Mike trusted Cus, who built his confidence and let him live with him in his mansion. Unfortunately, he passed away when Mike was only 19. It was then that under little guidance and direction, Mike’s career, especially financially, became messy. Most memorable was Don King, who Mike beat up publicly over money. He did get some of the money back from a legal case, but most of his money became mismanaged and washed up from others taking advantage of him.

Mike Tyson came in at 217/218 fighting weight. For a heavyweight he had speed. He felt he had people beat psychologically before the fight even started. He would stare right at the opponent and once they looked down, he knew he had them. He traveled the world, was in a Moscow parade, had figurines made of him in Japan, met the Prime Minister of Italy, but always said his probation officer made it hard for him to travel.

His outlook on females was quite distorted. He wanted to dominate as many as he could, sleeping with as many as he could. He was married to Robin Gibbons for only 8 months before his extra-curricular activities became too much for her.
In 1992, he went to prison for rape. Today, he has 6 children from different women. Tyson regrets a lot of his actions with women and how he handled his finances. He only did fights in his later career to pay his bills.
1997 was the year he bit Holyfield’s ear, not once but twice. The fight ended early and he admitted he lost his cool. He was enraged by Holyfield head-butting him.

The tattoo on his face is a New Zealand tribal symbol, which represents him scaring the enemy.
He ended with a record of 50-6-0 and 44 knockouts.

Today he has made some movie and radio appearances, but mostly is making up for lost time with his kids. He an interesting outlook on life so who’s know why lies ahead as he tries to put his past behind him.