Exercise is Medicine by ACSM


December 9, 2017 / Uncategorized


The world of Bodybuilding is an entity of its own. There’s no ESPN, most fans who attend go because they know someone competing, and the money athletes spend between training, admissions and supplements can run up quite the tab. “Generation Iron 2”, the follow up to “Generation Iron” on Netflix, dives into the sport behind the scenes. These organizations, IFBB and NPC, are much different than what I experience and compete in.

This subculture of bodybuilding is about changing your appearance through weights. It’s about sculpting what you want to see. Jay Cutler, the current Mr. Olympia for the past 4 years, discussed how the environment has changed. Everyone is about being popular, and it’s not that hard to do if you are a winner or not with the internet and social media. How many followers can you get?? Joe Weider, the organizer of the Olympia, says that the old school commodity of hanging out, training together and eating together no longer exists. You were friends back stage not falsely online. The difference is technology and supplements. The Venice Beach days are gone and posing routines aren’t like they used to be.

A few competitors were spotlighted. Kai is from India, and he has trained for years but never won any titles. As a result, he figures it isn’t meant to be and uses his body for other endeavors now like art and posing routines in shows. Being runner up for 3 years finally took its toll. Calum is an Australian who moved to the U.S. and aspired to earn his professional status. Bodybuilding is now his career path. In Kuwait, an investor named Boodai, has formulated a team to come compete at the Olympia. They represent their country with purpose and pride. In the end, his top competitor ended up winning this year’s Mr. Olympia.

On the women’s side, the sport has really changed. The sport is more about being attractive and actual bodybuilding doesn’t exist anymore. There are the categories of bikini, fitness, figure and physique. Iris Kyle the is the 10x Ms. Olympia but because the category has been eliminated she no longer competes. The lack of femininity of women’s bodybuilding makes it not appealing to watch. Sex sells, not manly women.

Rich Piana was also talked about. He has used steroids for over 25 years, and he actually died this year. He has many haters because he doesn’t compete, he sells supplements and has made a living off YouTube and social media. His body image sells and he found his niche. He is all about the dark side of the sport, which he openly admits and spotlights, but he does well for himself.

This sport can be selfish, relationships can be compromised, and the amount of time and effort is constant to be successful. It’s a lifestyle. No alcohol. It’s 100% if you want to be good. This movie shows the sport’s evolution and we will see where it is headed as more and more supplements emerge and competitors find ways to be at the top outside of just exercise and eating right.