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09 May


Oh that sweet tooth so many of us have. Dessert is a tradition, a celebration, a reward, and a comfort. Having a treat seems so perfect in that moment, but it can certainly come back to haunt us on the scale. But people are eating candy every day, not just on Halloween, at birthday parties, or special occasions. Candy is at every check-out stand, sold year-round, and now comes in extra-large servings at a reduced price. Hence, let me shock you with some candy information in this Blog…. enjoy. Let’s start with the fact that, “1 in 4 American adults will choose to have at least one piece of candy every day of the week” (http://brandongaille.com/42-awesome-candy-consumption-statistics/). And I do see this in the food journals, and yes, the fun sized, mini pieces do count. Just having a couple even a few days per week does add up because, “The average amount of calories in a fun-sized candy bar: 60-100” (http://brandongaille.com/42-awesome-candy-consumption-statistics/). There’s something about that 3 o’clock hour that a little sugar just hits the spot.
The candy industry continues to thrive and we continue to buy. We certainly keep them in business: “65% of the American candy brands have been around for more than five decades” (http://brandongaille.com/42-awesome-candy-consumption-statistics/). Here are some other statistics that might interest you (or disgust you): (http://brandongaille.com/42-awesome-candy-consumption-statistics/):
The United States candy market is expected to reach $35 billion by 2025.·     

 1.) 51% of overall candy consumers purchase seasonal or holiday candy.      

 2.) The average household will spend $44 just to purchase Halloween candy.    

 3.) Americans buy over 120 million pounds of candy for Easter.

So what types of candy are we buying?? Here are the top sellers: (http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2015/05/19/america-favorite-chocolate-candies/)M&Ms come in at number one, coming in at $406.7 million. They’ve been around since 1941 and interestingly, “M& Ms, which were names after their inventors Forrest Mars and R. Bruce Murrie, were given to GIs serving in the World War II, and the chocolates even went on a space mission in 1982” (http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2015/05/19/america-favorite-chocolate-candies/). Reese’s comes in at number 2, generating $398.9 million. Fun fact: “The company claims if you were to line up the Reese’s sold annually, they would wrap around the earth several times” (http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2015/05/19/america-favorite-chocolate-candies/). Snickers come in at third, generating $386.2, and “More than 99 tons of peanuts go into making over 15 million Snickers bars each day, and each bar contains around 16 peanuts” (http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2015/05/19/america-favorite-chocolate-candies/). Good old Hershey’s is next and generates $249 million. Apparently Hershey has bought several of the other brands so these numbers don’t do the company overall justice. Finally, there is the crispy covered Kit Kat, generating $201.8 million.

Well, if I want to stay positive I would say that we are providing many people jobs in the candy industry. But don’t even get me on a roll with how much sugar children consume. That is for an entirely new Blog. Sugar affects our bodies and well-being and truly impacts our functioning. I like the recent quote I found by Benjamin Franklin, “Few have died of hunger. Many have died of eating”. You are all sweet enough so put that candy down. Don’t have it on display at your house or in the office. Reward your fitness journey successes in other forms. You didn’t earn candy just to turn around and have to burn it back off!!!!