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January 17, 2022 // Archive

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17 Jan

Fear is stifling. This emotion puts a halt to forward movement, specifically to change. On our fitness journeys, we know that change is required. Old ways have led to the decision to be fed up and do something about our health. But fear can stop anyone from hitting the green light and starting. We feel threated by the new environment that will surround us. Like we feel safe in our home, we feel safe in our comfort zone of habits. For me, it’s trusting God’s plan that overcomes fear for me. His plan and protection are my guidance and shield.  

Here are some of the reasons that prevent putting one foot in front of the other and doing what needs to be done:  

  1. Losing your freedom – we are giving up power to the structure of healthy living; the comfort zone was free will to live life without consequences 
  1. Pain – exercise is uncomfortable, there will be soreness, and there will be times your body with hurt from the hard work 
  1. The Unknown – results may or may not happen and you don’t know what life without cake would be like 
  1. Disappointment – not knowing precise results or setting too high of expectations 
  1. Failure – not meeting your own expectations or reaching some timeline of progress you desired 
  1. Loneliness – your fitness journey is unique to your and your body, so that might mean straying away from the crowd and being strong enough to turn down drinks and food 

Fear isn’t always rational. Let’s face it, being healthy is unquestionably important. We tend to work ourselves up emotionally about events that may or may not even occur. There is a loss of control with where this journey could take you. But if we live our life in fear, we may never see the pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow. Taking control and doing what is best for your BODY shouldn’t be scary. Fear the fact that you might live longer 😊 Don’t fear what has not or may not ever happen. Live today and every day with the hope and intention that your fitness journey will better YOU in so many different ways.