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June 7, 2019 – Every BODY's Fit
2019 ICN Official World Ranking #2 (Angels Division) and #3 (Classic Figure Division)

June 7, 2019 // Archive

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07 Jun


Everyone has done it. Hear the alarm, find the alarm, turn it off or hit “snooze”. Just a few more minutes. Delaying the getting up process. Waiting to have to start the day. Avoiding what lies ahead. Most of us do feel anxious when the alarm goes off. Some might feel energized, excited, awake, and others are angry, exhausted, just not ready to rumble…yet.

Baby boomers are actually the biggest snooze hitters at rate 3x higher compared to others. Millennials are the least likely.

But sleep after hitting snooze is almost wasteful. It isn’t restful. What is five more minutes really going to do?? The best thing to do is just get up. About 2/3 of women hit snooze and about ½ of men on occasion and then some people are repeat offenders and might hit the snooze more than once. Life’s circumstances can make the extra little shut-off seem attractive, but realistically you are really gaining quality sleep that will suddenly make the concept of getting up any more inviting.

The key to fixing the snooze habit is to get enough rest. Yeah, yeah, easier said than done. Chipping away at sleep over time can happen when life has all its demands. Suddenly 30 minutes less turns into 2 hours less and then the next day has arrived and you aren’t ready. Time keeps ticking whether you slept or not. Work starts when works starts, same with school and other obligations.

Hitting snooze just doesn’t set the right tone for the day. Your mind is telling you to hold on, hold off, just wait. Some people know what they can get away with. They know the traffic, the if I skip breakfast, the if I don’t blow dry my hair, little tricks to get 5 more minutes.

My recommendation is to stop hitting snooze. Get up when you originally set the alarm with that same intention. Your mindset will be in a far better place. Starting the day rushed and stressed because of a few more minutes of not even sound sleep, isn’t worth the risk. Face the day with positivity and if you get up on time, make the habit to go to bed on time too. The clock can be on your team, if you make the decision to be the boss who doesn’t compromise on your goals and what needs to get accomplished.