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December 12, 2018 // Archive

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12 Dec


Inconsistency is the difference between attitude and action.Its meaning is associated with instability, self-contradiction, irregular, andunpredictable. Consistency is the desired behavior. An inconsistent person is asometimes person. For example, sometimes this person offers quality service andeffort at their job, while sometimes they call out absent and show up to worklate. Being inconsistent is not being reliable or dependable. A bar tendermight serve the same drink to you and your friend that placed an order, but thetwo drinks taste very different. The lines are blurred when it comes toexpectation. Therefore, when it comes to one’s fitness journey, inconsistency marksmany people’s association with working out and eating healthy. Can you relate??

It is a common trend to be consistent for a duration, but then to become inconsistent once a few mishaps occur. There becomes a start and stop pattern of behavior. As a trainer, my hope is that more often then not, you make your workouts, eat right, and keep this lifestyle as regular as possible. But then the human element comes into play…. holidays, travel, parties, relationships, parenting, and emotion. Somehow priorities shift, food becomes comforting, and the fitness journey takes a back seat with the intention of the only being temporary. But how long is temporary?? These bouts of temporary accumulate. The roller coaster continues, and I’m left wondering when the road will be straight and smooth again.

It’s interesting that taking care of one’s health can become inconsistent. Other aspects of life do not allow this such as parenting, your performance at work, or being a good partner/spouse. When we are inconsistent in these areas, we assume that we are affecting other people so we can’t slack. The truth is that poor health does affect other people around us too. Not being able to hold your grandchild, not being able to stand for long periods of time, feeling sluggish…. all of that does go noticed. Sometimes only when the cost of poor health hits does reality set in.

How would you label your fitness journey?? Would youconsider yourself consistent?? This is an important chat to have with yourselfespecially with the onset of new year. Have you ever graded yourself?? Whatletter grade would you earn. Inconsistency doesn’t equate to results. Beconsistent in your efforts and your body will thank you. When your body thanksyou, your mood, energy, relationships, heart, and mind, will thank you too. Sobe a regular at the studio and Steve Nash and I will help you reach your goals!!!!